Sunday, February 20, 2011



I get tired even thinking about it. It seems like everywhere you go you see someone yawning.

And what do you hear most of the time when you ask someone how they’re doing? What do they say?

“Oh, I’m tired.” “Oh good, I’m just tired, how about you?” “Oh, I’m really tired today.”

We’ve all heard this before. We’ve all said it before.

So with this, I have two questions...

Why do we yawn when we’re tired?
And why do we yawn when we see someone else doing it?

I bet you’re thinking that we yawn because we are bored or tired. Of course this might be a plausible explanation because most of the time that’s when we do yawn.

According to, no one really knows why we yawn--however there are many
theories that have floated around.

One theory is the, “Brain Cooling Hypothesis” ( The theory is that yawning is the body’s way of keeping our brain temperature at safe levels. In other words, if we didn’t yawn, our brain might get overheated.

Another theory I read on this website is that is that yawning may be linked to migraines, epileptic seizures and even multiple sclerosis.

John Storr
But this is not certain. Again, these are just theories.

One of a few theories listed on is that “yawning may be associated with increased amounts of carbon dioxide in the blood--therefore inducing a yawn to bring in oxygen.”

Other theories (just to name a few more) listed on, is that we yawn because we need to satisfy our need to stretch our muscles, or we yawn because it helps us to stay alert.

But really…after all this research…I didn’t find one website that said they knew the exact cause of yawning.

My conclusion as to why we yawn--there is none. It’s just something we do.

This brings me to question two. Why is yawning contagious?

How many times have you yawned while reading this blog about yawning? (Not because it’s boring, of course J ).

I swear, I’ve already yawned more then a dozen times. Why is that?

Haven’t you noticed that every time you’re around someone that yawns, you yawn--or vice versa?

If not, then conduct an experiment the next time you are sitting with a group of people. Go ahead and let out a gigantic, loud, obnoxious, “Yaawwwnnnn!”

See what happens.

I’ll bet you nine times out of ten, someone will catch the bait.

But back to the question--why is it contagious?

One theory listed on Discovery News at says that, yawning is contagious because it is a “form of social bonding.” And that’s why we do it when others do it.

Need something more scientific?

Another theory listed on is that “the signal to yawn must bypass a response called the mirror neuron system, which would render yawning in response to someone else a conscious and imitative act.”

In other words, it’s an involuntary response made by us, in our brains, when we see someone do it.

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Mind boggling isn’t it?


I’d love to hear your beliefs on this.

Please, don't hesitate to tell me what's On Ur Mind.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentine's Day

I swear it wasn't but a few days after Christmas when I started seeing Valentine's Day displays everywhere. It seems like everywhere you go there are manifestations of singing musical cards, and red and pink hearts.

I know what you're thinking--"Oh, she sounds bitter about Valentine's Day." Not true.

When I got to really thinking about it, I realized that all I knew about Valentine's Day is that we are expected to buy presents, candy and dinner for that "special someone." And we are also expected to at least acknowledge the other special people in our lives as well. Right?

Either way, why do we wait until Valentine's Day to show these "special people" in our lives how much we love them? Because the retailers said so? Speaking from my standpoint, I think those of us who celebrate Valentine's Day, celebrate it because we feel like we have to.

And yes, I too am guilty of falling into the hype of it all. There is no way I would be without a present for my "special someone" on Valentine's Day. And I would feel pretty bad if I didn't at least give my mother a call, or send a card, or something. But...that's just me. I think something's better than nothing.

I don't think we should wait until February 14th to show your loved ones you care.

Personally speaking, it would mean a lot more to me if my "special someone" came home with roses "just because."

When you least expect it.

According to, Valentine’s Day is supposed to be celebrated between, "intimate companions." The website also says that Valentine's Day was "traditionally a day on which lovers express their love for each other."

Did you just read that? LOVERS.

So if this day was originally reserved for lovers, then why do children celebrate it in school? Why did you send a card to your uncle in Miami? Do you know why? Because you and me get all caught up into the hype of it all.

This is just critical thinking. Again, I'm not anti-Valentine's Day.

On a positive note, some of us just don't know how to express our love for one another the way we probably should. Not everyone in the world is capable of being thoughtful, and some of us need that one reserved day to show that special person, as well as our loved ones, how much we care and appreciate them.

Besides the retail madness, I think celebrating Valentine's Day is actually a good thing.

Yea, so what if it was technically reserved for "lovers." Who (besides me) is actually going to elaborate on that?

Teaching our children how to appreciate the people in their lives isn't a bad thing. And hey...that Valentine's Day card you sent to your lonely uncle in Miami--well I bet you made his day.

Even if you are one of those people that spread love just once a year, that's ok.
Like I said before, something’s better than nothing.

How do you feel about Valentine's Day? Do you love it, hate it, or are you sort of in the "gray area?"

Please don't hesitate to tell me what's On Ur Mind.

Monday, February 7, 2011


I really don't believe in superstitions. Although, when I was younger I did.
I remember walking home from school, (elementary school of course), avoiding EVERY crack on the sidewalk. You know, "Step on a crack, break your mothers back?"
That was a long walk too.

There was this one time I accidentally stepped on a crack--and I was SO HAPPY to see my mom when I got home because I felt so guilty.

Long story short, I'm not that superstitious anymore. However I do have some beliefs I hold onto.

I was about 30 minutes late for work, and it wasn't because I was out partying the night before. Yes, I did sleep in--but only because every Friday I would close the place and then have to open the place back up 7 hours later.

This just happened to be the day that I had to work with, "Miss Sunshine" (sarcastically speaking). She was the hardest person to work with--pretty straight laced. I swear she could make a drill sergeant cry.
I just couldn't tell her I slept in. No, not her. She went to the "big boss" for everything. of those kind of people.

I told her that I was late because I got pulled over. What could she say, right? Now that I think of it, she could've asked to see the ticket. Good thing she didn't.

About 2 days later, I was driving to work, and guess what happened? Yep...I got pulled over. And I NEVER get pulled over. Good thing she wasn't working that day, huh? I had to go to work and tell them I was late because I got pulled over (for real this time).

This was the first and the last time I will lie about why I'm late. I believe, deep down, that I jinxed myself.

As for the black cat crossing my path and opening an umbrella inside of the house, not for me. And on Friday the 13th, if I have stuff to do, I'm doing it. Not knockin' it. Again, just not for me.

There was actually another time when a white opal ring was given to me.

Well if you don't know, the superstition is if you wear white opal, and it is not your birthstone, (October), then it will crack in half and bring you bad luck.

And I'll be damned! It cracked in half--right down the middle.

I wasn't aware of this superstition until I told my mom what happened. I was showing it to her and she said, "Oh yea, those are supposed to be bad luck. They crack in half if you're wearing them and it's not your birthstone."

Gee, thanks mom. She was the one that gave it to me.

I don't remember if I ever did have a string of bad luck though; it was so long ago. Maybe I did and it was so traumatizing that it's all just a blur now, (ha-ha).

Do you have a superstitious story or belief? I'd love to hear about it.

Please, don't hesitate to tell me what's On Ur Mind.