Thursday, June 30, 2011

Can You Really Take Their Word For It?

A few months ago there were some people on the news…

And they owned an ice cream parlor…

And at that ice cream parlor they served ice cream…

Strawberry, vanilla, chocolate,

And everyone’s favorite…

Roast chicken.

No, you didn’t read it wrong…

I did say roast chicken.

Yes, roast chicken flavored ice cream.

From some weird place that served weired ice cream.

That’s just weird to me.

And this is the only word I can think of that properly describes the menu.

Hmmm…let me try to remember exactly what it was I saw…

Ok, so they will specially make your desired flavor for you...

If it’s not made already.

Whatever you like.

And I mean whatever you like… (as long as it is an option there of course).

And there were plenty of options, trust me.

So, here are a few items I remembered from the menu…







I don’t remember exactly how they did it, but they did it.

However, there were some flavors that sparked my interest…

Apple Cinnamon


Waffle (yes, waffle flavored)



Now, these flavors are just to name a few.

I remember seeing a “clip” of the ice cream shop and there was a whole bunch of things to choose from.

Probably stuff even crazier than the chicken flavored.

Anyways, one of the news anchors tried the beet flavor and another tried the chicken flavor…

“Mmmm…this is excellent!”

“Oh, this is really good.”

“Mmmmmmmmmm, not bad.”

Yea right!!!

Ok, I like chicken and asparagus and all…

But for ice cream?


I don’t know, maybe it’s just me…

And I know this has to be intriguing to some people…and that’s fine.

And I know there is someone reading this blog right now who would LOVE to have a chicken flavored ice cream cone…

But not for me…


And I’m up to try new things…

Hey why not…

I’d probably try it in a little sampler cup, you know, like the ones they give you at Baskin Robbins?

But to order a few big scoops of chicken flavored ice cream…

And then eat it on a cone…

And hey, why not add chocolate syrup and sprinkles??


So ever since then, I noticed that people who try food on television NEVER say

“I don’t like this.”
Politely and simply put.

Honestly, I can’t recall a time when I heard a news person say...

“Oh, now I don’t like that too much.”

And the same goes for talk shows.

Ok now, I know these people are on television and rude remarks may get you…

A)     Fired

B)      Sued

And who wants to “ruin anyone’s reputation” or get fired?

Totally understandable (as far as the rudeness goes).

But really…

Pay attention to this.

Think about it…

Have you ever heard a TV personality say they didn’t like the food they were sampling?

Can it always be “sooooo good?”
I’d love to hear your thoughts on this.

Please don’t hesitate to tell me what’s OnUrMind.

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Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Inspiration of Music

What would we do without music?

Have you ever thought about this?
What if music were never invented?
How would we sing praise?

Clean house…
How would we celebrate birthdays?
How different would our drive home be?
Now that we’re starting to brainstorm, do you see how much the world needs music?
The love of music (or at least the use of music) is something we all have in common…
No matter where we are in the globe…
No matter what language or genre…
Crazy when you think about it huh?
And, with that being said, I realize how much of an inspiration music can be to us in different areas in our lives.
Especially at the gym.
There’s nothing like some good “upbeat sound” to boil the blood.
And by the looks of the other people at the gym, I’d say they have to agree.
Practically everyone there listens to music while they work out.
And of course there is a selected few that choose to be “in the zone” quietly.
Well not in complete silence…
A gym is a gym.
I think it’s safe to assume that they all sound pretty much the same.
You know...
Weights banging together…
A few squeaky machines...
The sounds of busy feet…
Not to mention the music on the overhead music system.
Now, I don’t know if there is a “set station” that’s required to play at that dial and only that dial at all times…
But I heard something on the overhead that surly amused me today J
Now, I’d be surprised if somebody actually chose this particular satellite feed on purpose…
That’s why I was wondering if certain places have a required music selection that the company has to abide by.
As I’m turning on my iPod and tying my hair back, I couldn’t help but to notice…
The song went something like this…
“Not to particular…not to precise…cheeseburger in paradise”
At the gym?!
Talk about motivation!
And boy does he (the artist) get into detail.
He talks about the bun being all warm…
The lettuce…
The tomatoes…
AND the pickles!
How could I forget these lyrics?
I've never heard a song like this...
Not even on a fast food commercial
But, I sure did at the gym!
I came home and googled the “punchline” and there you go.
The song is called Cheeseburger in Paradise, by Jimmy Buffett.
So, my guess is that no one noticed (except for me, of course)…
But that’s just a guess.
I’m assuming this because the gym is noisy and like I said before, practically everyone has their headphones on.
So there you go.
Music can be inspirational…
Or in this case, it might’ve inspired some to work “that much harder” and want to work that cheeseburger off…
It might’ve inspired some to blow off their diet and head to the nearest drive-thru.
What do you think?
I’d love to hear your thoughts on this.
Please don’t hesitate to tell me what’s On Ur Mind.

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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Peeling Out on a Banana


“Watch out for that banana peel!”
Have you ever heard anyone say this?
I’m assuming the answer is no.
However, I’ve seen cartoon characters slip and fall on banana peels…but never in real life.
My question is…
"Can this really happen?"
Can someone really slip and fall on a banana peel?


Or is this just a myth?
Well if you’ve been following my blog then you know that I just had to do some research on this...
And believe it or not, this myth has raised more eyebrows then you think.


I was actually kind of shocked that so many people were curious about this question.
There were even experiments conducted on this myth by the TV show “Myth Busters.”
Here is a link to one of their experiments I found on YouTube.
So if you just watched the video, then you would find that the myth is not true
Unless of course you are walking on hundreds of banana peels (like that happens every day)…
Or as Myth Busters would say, “The myth was busted.”
Yea, ok, there is somewhat of a natural lubricant inside of the peel…
And yes, it may be slippery…


And there is probably a chance that you can actually slip and fall on a banana peel…
But wouldn’t that be the same for any foreign object on the floor?
Think about it.
If there is something on the floor that you don’t see, and you step on it or stumble over it...
There is a chance that you can actually slip and fall…
Banana peel or not.


It could be a child’s toy, a pair of shoes, a paper towel…
Do you get what I’m saying?
So personally, I’d have to agree with Myth Busters on this one.
What do you think?
I’d love to hear your thoughts on this.
Please don’t hesitate to tell me what’s On Ur Mind.